It is about washing and lighting the windows of houses and offices. Its services include removing debris from certain types of your window. If the windows are covered with stickers, splashes, closures, concrete and stucco. If you are a small contractor, you can use a janitor contract to employ one or more janitors, to get to your workplace after normal hours and perform cleaning tasks such as garbage collection, toilet disinfection and cleaning. The cleaning service contract is between the service provider (the distribution company) and the customer`s company (date of creation). collectively known as “parties.” 3. Pre-employment: The client agrees to allow the cleaning of the capital windows to access his house or office only if interior windows or interior cleanings are carried out. All other services take place outside the home/business. The customer agrees to allow the use of faucets and exits outside and inside, at the discretion of the Capital Window Cleaning. The client undertakes to move all valuables from the inside and outside before the work begins with Capital Window Cleaning. The customer recognizes and accepts that customers` items can be moved to clean all interior or exterior windows, sidings, flaires, soffits or other agreed-upon objects. Both parties should be able to describe the appropriate services that are needed for each other. It should mention all the products and services that you have to offer in this way, the customer will know what he/she receives from the learning business.

Window cleaning conditions are short down In this type of construction, the customer looks for service installation cleaning services, and the provider agrees. They are capable and eager to meet all the requirements mentioned in this construction. Expectations – Property Requirements – All windows must be closed and sealed. Both parties expect water to be available on site unless otherwise stated. A $97.00 travel fee is charged for each service if we have to reprogram due to a lack of water. If the property has windows, doors or other known or leak-sensitive openings, the owner must be informed by the owner so that the contractor can exercise caution and avoidance.