Another clause, which may be included in your list agreement, is restrictions on the sale of the house to anyone to whom the listing agent has shown it. The seller will not be able to sell the house to these prospects within 6 months to one year after the end of the contract. A comparative market analysis is not an assessment. A formal assessment can only be carried out by a licensed real estate expert. An assessment is the process of estimating the value of real estate carried out by a licensed professional. Evaluators must obtain approval from an accrediting body in the state of residence. Real estate valuations take into account the value of the surrounding real estate and the general market conditions, as well as the condition of the subject property. The valuation is used to determine property taxes and the potential sale price when the owner decides to sell the property. In a CMA, the agent records the differences between the comparison properties and the property of the subject being sold. This is a less formal version of a formal and professional evaluation. Brokers use CMAs to advise clients on a list price.

Before you can party and sign the list agreement, there is one final step to take. You can be very confident of the comparable market value of the home compared to recent sales. Take the opportunity to see the house in person and see if there are any surprises that would greatly increase or decrease the value of the house. You finally have a client who wants you to sell your house. Your first offer! And now? Multiple List Service (MLS) is the best way to market your offer. A list contract contains the following parts. For example, your home has a swimming pool in the ground. Other offers with ground pools make good comparisons. Fences that are well repaired are another convenience to consider. Some amenities are not tangible assets. For example, a house with a view of the sea will be able to command a much higher price than a house without a view, a few blocks from the beach. The duration of the listing agreement is negotiable.

Terms and conditions can be 30 days, 90 days, six months, one year or more. Ask for retraction rights. If you are able to terminate the list at any time, the length of the seller`s list should also be careful not to terminate an exclusive list agreement with one broker and to enter into another with another broker; If the property is sold, they may be indebted to the two commissions of real estate agents! This type of listing agreement transfers much of the responsibility for the sale into the hands of the owner of the property. An open list agreement is not exclusive, so a seller may eventually have open agreements with a large number of real estate agents. If the property is sold, you only pay a commission to the real estate agent who brought you the offer you accepted. Tip: Some of these details are available in the latest list of comparable properties, although the value of the improvements should be estimated. For his part, the seller is responsible for complying with the law, working with the broker and referring applications to the broker. Sellers also agree to make their properties available for shows if potential buyers wish to visit. If the seller wants the real estate agent to help him negotiate and complete the purchase and sale contract, he must mark the first box of Section 4. Otherwise, they should mark the second field, indicating that the broker has no right to help in these tasks. Unlike the open list, the real estate agent will represent the seller in an exclusive agency agreement. The seller also reserves the right to sell the property himself and not to pay the broker`s commission fee.

With an exclusive agency list, the seller employs a broker who acts as the exclusive agent of the real estate owner. The broker only collects a commission if he or she is the cause of the sale. In addition, the seller reserves the right to sell the property independently without obligation For example, if the total commission is 6% and the listing broker wishes to offer 2.5% to the sales office, you could instead: