You can send it as an image, photocopy, Word document or PDF file to with your application reference number in the subject line or simply respond to the response we sent you when you applied. Interest is borrowing costs. It can be added in different ways to the amount borrowed, but usually for credits it is either daily, where interest is calculated and calculated on a daily basis on your loan, or fixed. Firm interest will be calculated in advance and the total amount will be added to your loan. Satsuma may be able to enter into an informal agreement to help you solve your money problems. You can temporarily stop your repayments or prevent you from adding additional interest to your debt. This is when you agree on a contractual basis to get something of value and pay it back in the future. In the world of loans, you agree to get an amount and repay that money plus interest until a certain time, either as a lump sum or in a series of installments. Today, Provident continues to be a home lender. Satsuma is the brand name for Providents online loans. These credits are not guaranteed by real estate such as your home or car, so your property cannot be withdrawn if you do not make repayments. A lender usually has your credit score as a guide to deciding whether or not you are lending money. A type of loan where the loan is guaranteed against something you own.

If you do not make repayments, the lender could sell the item against which your loan is protected to get its money back. Credit can be protected from a number of things, but more often than not, they are protected from your home. Your contract or customer number was sent to your email when you first took out your loan. Please check your unwanted folder or spam if it is not in your inbox. If you can`t find it, one of our customer service employees is happy to provide you with this information. This relates to your right to terminate a credit contract, which means you can change your mind and terminate the contract. You usually have 14 days to change your mind and you are expected to reseed borrowed money plus interest for each day you had the money in your account. However, it is always worth checking the paperwork, as the process of exiting a credit contract may vary from lender to lender. If you miss a payment for things like rent, municipal tax or credit, you will be lagging behind, or “late”. We can assign you your contract number with an SMS. Text `AGR`, then a space and your date of birth in DDMMYYY format up to 60070 from the phone number we have recorded for you. Texts are billed at your network`s standard rate.

You can also send an email. The email address is These are temperature loans granted over a period of 3 to 12 months. A longer repayment period will help you spread the costs, with more manageable repayments, but they will keep you in debt for longer. Provident is a known supplier of loans from 1880.